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Another Group Graduation to Celebrate!

As we prepare for another Autism Spectrum Disorder Social & Emotional Develpment Group to begin next month, we reflect back to our last group of proud graduates who completed the program just a couple of weeks ago. It is always so wonderful for both the parents and PPG staff to see the progress the group makes over the course of the 8 week program. We recognize that emotional regulation is often a concern for teenagers with Autism or a related diagnosis, and our program incorporates strategies to address mood regulation into the curriculum. Identifying emotions, discussing their impact on us and how they affect others are all important topics covered in the program. The group builds on that foundation to add coping skills including various forms of artistic expression, mindfulness, and deep breathing techniques tomanage emotions and participate in healthy relationships. A huge thank you to the parents and families of the teens in the program, who have shown their dedication and support by participating to our Autism Parent Support group twice per week to help foster and promote these skills in other settings outside of group hours.

We are excited to present our next ASD group set to begin on Tuesday, November 27th in a brand-new format. Instead of meeting 4 days a week for 7-8 weeks, the group will now meet 2 days a week for 15 weeks. If your child (aged 12-18) or someone you know with a high-functioning ASD (or related) diagnosis could benefit from this program, please be sure to contact the clinic for more information or to schedule an intake with one of our providers. Our Specialty Programs office can be reached directly at 952-444-2099 or by email at

Here are some pictures from the most recent graduation. Congratulations to all who completed the program with such great success!

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