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Social & Emotional Development Program


Helping adolescents and young adults on the Autism spectrum or with a related diagnosis build social skills and regulate emotions.

Navigating the transitional years of adolescence and young adulthood can be difficult. Teens and young adults with social deficits and/or emotional regulation issues in lieu of an Autism diagnosis or other related diagnoses may experience the following issues:

  • Social isolation
  • Difficulty navigating school and work
  • Bullying
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Frequent mood swings
  • Addiction to electronics
  • Improper hygiene

Trouble making and keeping friendships, struggles with everyday conversations, and lacking the ability to intuitively interpret what others are thinking, saying or intending means that the Social and Emotional Development Program at PPG may be a good fit.

We offer a specialized, intensive program for teenagers and young adults with difficulty regulating their emotions and struggling with social skills.

Topics Covered:

  • How to make and keep friendships
  • Identifying feelings and learning coping skills for emotional regulation
  • How to hold a conversation by trading appropriate information
  • Appropriate use of humor
  • Skills for resolving disagreements
  • Understanding emotions
  • How to handle bullying and teasing
  • Use of electronics in a healthy way
  • Navigating life transitions such as high school and college

Ideal Participants:

  • Adolescents ages 12-18 or young adult ages 19-28
  • Autism diagnosis or related disorder that impacts social skills
  • Adequate verbal and cognitive abilities to participate in group setting
  • Struggling in school, home or community settings due to social and emotional deficits
  • Adolescent is motivated to make positive improvements

*For adolescent group: parent/Guardian participation is required in the Parent’s Group, where parents will receive 1-2 hours of training each week


**Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, all groups are postponed until further notice. We are currently working to provide support to families via other modes of therapy during this time. There is a tentative plan to resume groups in June, pending developments surrounding the coronavirus. Please contact the clinic below with questions and/or to be added to a contact list to receive updates as soon as we have more information. 

Call 952-444-2099 or email us at


Fostering friendship through socialization, communication, and emotional regulation

Congratulations to our recent program graduates!

Integrating family helps to ensure long-term support and success at home and school


Hear What Parents Have To Say About Our Program!

“Our son has grown in a lot of ways since you starting the program. It has not always been easy but we are so proud of his progress and the care the PPG team has provided. Our son is now able to talk and communicate much easier with us and is a lot of fun to be around. We look forward to continuing to work on the skills that we have all learned during the program. Thank you PPG”

“This group has been a godsend and I am interested in more groups and therapy for my child and family!”

“[Our son] has started to feel more comfortable about sharing his feelings with the family. [He] has been better when understanding his parents’ feelings. While hard for [him] at times, he has been getting better with doing things when asked. [He] shares his feelings by typing them and sending them to use and really takes his time when doing so. [He] wants to show more from himself by giving back to others, work to earn money and better himself in many ways.”

“We are very grateful to have had this opportunity. Thank you for all that you do!”

“I appreciate the Wednesday updates and handouts. My teen was willing to talk about what she was learning in group and was consistently eager to attend. We have emphasized the tools and skills learning when we talk during struggling times. Thanks so much for the skills training you did on Wednesday with me and the other parents!”

“I’ve definitely improved, but there is definitely still work to do. The staff were incredible. I would honestly love to keep coming back.” (Teen testimonial)

“We are very happy with our experience. The staff showed genuine interest in the individuals as well as the group. Parent meetings were helpful and allowed us to support our son. Great job!”

“I think that (our son) has grown and with the skills provided and us as teachers to help continue to foster the skills they have received, he will keep growing. Great program, great staff. Thank you for everything!”

“Dr. Sokeye & the ASD Skills group has changed my sons entire life. My son is now a thriving teenager, playing high school hockey, baseball, & soccer. His IEP has also changed to better fit his educational needs, as he is excelling in all mainstream HS classes. Best of all he has friends, & is maintaining social relationships, as well as my non-ASD child in the same grade. Our family is very happy & so grateful! PPG is above & beyond any of the other mental health facilities in the twin cities; & we’ve been through them all.” – Amelia G.

“The Social and Emotional Development program is excellent. Donna and her team provide programming that is engaging, educational, and inspiring. The team is truly invested in participants’ experiences and this is evident throughout the process as well as in the outcomes.” – Christine W.

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