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Autism Programs


Helping adolescents and young adults on the Autism spectrum or with a related diagnosis build social skills and regulate emotions.

Navigating the transitional years of adolescence and young adulthood can be difficult. Teens and young adults with social deficits and/or emotional regulation issues in lieu of an Autism diagnosis or other related diagnoses may experience the following issues:

  • Social isolation
  • Difficulty navigating school and work
  • Struggling to maintain everyday conversations
  • Bullying
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Frequent mood swings
  • Addiction to electronics
  • Improper hygiene
  • Inability to intuitively interpret with others are thinking, saying or intending

At Plymouth Psych Group, we offer specialized programing for adolescents and teens who have difficulty regulating their emotions and struggling with social skills. Our programing includes a combination of individual therapy, group work, and doctor oversight, where they will learn how to:

  • Make and keep friendships
  • Identify feelings and learning coping skills for emotional regulation
  • Hold a conversation by trading appropriate information
  • Use humor appropriately
  • Use skills for resolving disagreements
  • Better understand emotions
  • Handle bullying and teasing
  • Use electronics in a healthy way
  • Navigate life transitions such as high school and college

Ideal Participants:

  • Adolescents ages 12-18
  • Autism diagnosis or related disorder that impacts social skills and emotional regulation
  • Adequate verbal and cognitive abilities to participate in group setting
  • Struggling in school, home or community settings due to social and emotional deficits
  • Motivated to make positive improvements

*For adolescent group: parent/Guardian participation is required in the Parent’s Group, where parents will receive 1-2 hours of training each week



*Note: In lieu of COVID-19, our highest priority is safeguarding our staff, patients and their families by following recommendations from public health officials and still delivering the high-quality care that we are known for. Please contact us with any questions or concerns about updated protocol or group logistics. 


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