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Autism Support for Teens, Young Adults and Parents


Autism Support for Teens, Young Adults, and Parents 

Social and emotional deficits are often a concern for teens and young adults with autism or a related diagnosis. At Plymouth Psych Group, we have developed several programs tailored to meet the specific needs of teens and young adults on the spectrum. We offer support in a variety of formats for clients ages 12-25 and their families to help provide the skills needed to help live a happy and fulfilled life.

All teen, young adult, and parent groups are facilitated by experienced and compassionate clinicians with years of experience working with autism spectrum disorder and related diagnoses.

To determine if the ASD programs and services at Plymouth Psych Group are a good fit for you and your family, please call us at 952-444-2099.


Programs for Adolescents/Teens:

  • Chill Skills Social Coaching Group is an interactive activity group for teens that provides a platform to interact with like-minded individuals and encourages teens to break the comfort of routine by switching tasks and engaging with different group members. The lead therapist will serve as a social coach by helping the teens to develop confidence and use the skills that will help foster social interactions during the group.    
  • Emotional Regulation Skills is a group for adolescents and teens ages 12-18 that focuses on recognizing, managing, and responding to emotional experiences. Participants will learn skills in mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotional regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness in order to help cope with overwhelming feelings, reduce impulsivity, and enhance interpersonal relationships.
  • NEW! Winter Break Social and Emotional Skills Camp is an abbreviated and combined version of some of the skills taught in our Chill Skills Social Coaching Group and our Emotional Regulation Skills Group (see above). If your child has already completed our ASD Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and is in need if a refresher course, OR if your child is new to Plymouth Psych Group and you would like to determine if our programs are a good fit, this is the perfect group for you.

          NOW ENROLLING! Group Begins December 27th.

                Monday, December 27 – Thursday, December 30, 2021 (4 days)
                9:00am – 12:00pm
                Ages 12-18
                Group Leads: Mason Nordman, MA, LGSW and Israel Sokeye, MD
                Most major insurances accepted for payment

          Call 952-444-2099 to learn more or to schedule an assessment!

  • The Intensive Outpatient Program is a group for adolescents and teens ages 12-18 in need of a higher level of support with the flexibility of an outpatient schedule. In addition to group work and other evidence-based practices, this approach to treatment often includes multi-disciplinary support from a team of Psychiatrists, Nurse Practitioners, and Mental Health Therapists.

          NOW ENROLLING for January/ February 2022 groups!

Details Coming Soon!

          Call 952-444-2099 to learn more or to schedule an assessment!


Programs for Young Adults:

  • Gaining Personal Skills is a group for young adults ages 19-25 that focuses on a combination of advanced social skills, emotional regulation, and independent living skills.

          NOW ENROLLING for January/ February 2022 groups!

Details Coming Soon!

          Call 952-444-2099 to learn more or to schedule an assessment!


Programs for Parents:

  •  ASD Parent Support Group is a place for parents with children/teens/young adults on the autism spectrum (or with related social and emotional deficits) to feel heard, understood, and supported. Parents will have the opportunity to bring forward specific questions or challenges they are experiencing and will receive informed guidance from a mental health therapist and other families navigating similar issues. The topic of focus varies each month.

          Group will resume in 2022.

 Details Coming Soon!


*Note: In light of COVID-19, our highest priority is safeguarding our staff, patients, and their families by following recommendations from public health officials and still delivering the high-quality care that we are known for. Please contact us with any questions or concerns about updated protocol or group logistics.


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