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Unity Day 2019: Together Against Bullying

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On Wednesday, October 23rd, the PPG Staff took a stand against bullying and supported Unity Day 2019 by wearing orange. “Orange provides a powerful, visually compelling expression of solidarity…the vibrant statement becomes a conversation starter, sending the supportive, universal message that bullying is never acceptable behavior”, said Paula Goldberg, Executive Director at PACER Center.

Unity Day, started in 2011 by PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center, has become known as a signature event of National Bullying Prevention Month (October). This day was started to bring increased hope and awareness to bullying with a simple call to action of wearing orange – a vibrant statement to help start a conversation, to support students who have been bullied, and to call awareness to bullying prevention.

Unity Day continues to grow in awareness each year within schools, communities, and businesses. When planning to support Unity Day, be sure to check out PACER’s own Unity Day Guide that contains everything you should know!

If you, your child or someone you know is being bullied, please consult the many resources available at PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center and contact our clinic for additional support.

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