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Congrats, Grads!

Since we opened the doors to our new Specialty Programs division a couple years ago, we have welcomed 17 different groups of teens who are on the spectrum (or have a related diagnosis) into our ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) Social Skills and Emotional Regulation program. As awareness and diagnosis, hence prevalence continue to rise (as cited in the newly published data and statistics from the CDC), so does the demand for support.

For now, we have strategically focused our programing towards adolescents 12-18, an age group in great need of programing and resources in the community. Congratulations to our 17th group of graduates, who completed our 8-week program on Tuesday, November 20th. These five young men challenged themselves, grew individually (and together), and have newfound knowledge, practices, and coping skills that will equip them for social, emotional and behavioral success in the future. We could not be more proud! We especially commend the group for their commitment and dedication to the program and to improving themsleves, and to all of the parents who supported their teens along the way!

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