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Black Mental Health Matters

Each year, February marks Black History Month, a celebration and commemoration of the impact and contributions that Black people make to society. As it relates to an important cause that is very near and dear to us, and likely to you as well (mental health care) - this is also an opportunity to highlight Black and African American contributions to the mental health movement because they are oftentimes overlooked. This resource from Mental Health America about Black pioneers in mental health throughout history is a good starting place. You can also read our blog from last year’s Black History Month for a more information and some staggering statistics.

More recently, the events of 2020 and the #BlackLivesMatter movement have proven how the reality of racism can impact mental health, and what can be achieved if we listen, understand, support and take action to make real and lasting change. Learning about the history of systemic racism in the mental health system and how it harms Black communities in the US and around the world is important for creating better mental health everywhere. 

The bottom line: Without recognizing the lack of representation of Black and African American people in the mental health movement, we do a disservice and continue to inflict harm on the Black community.

At Plymouth Psych Group, we celebrate this year’s Black History Month by not only honoring the past, but also by taking a look into the future and playing our part to ensure the Black community has access to readily available mental health support. Below is an extensive list of mental health resources. Huge thanks to the OCD and Anxiety Center of Minnesota for helping to compile some of this information.

Local Healing Spaces:

National Mental Health Organizations: 

If you are worried that you or a loved one in the Black community may be struggling with a mental health condition, there is always hope and we are here for support. Please contact us at 763-559-1640 or email to find out how to seek help.

*This blog contains information and excerpts used from the following sources:

-Mental Health America (

-OCD and Anxiety Center of Minnesota (

-NAMI - National Alliance on Mental Illness (

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