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A Nutritionist’s Guide to Planning and Eating During Self-Quarantine

by Brittan Donohoe, Registered Dietician at Plymouth Psych Group

As you think about the past few weeks and uncertainty ahead, food choices may or may not be on your mind. Wherever you fall, I encourage you to reflect on your decisions as you move forward. What has been going well and worked the best for you and your family? What would you like to improve upon? Here are some ideas to keep in mind.

1.) Meal planning

You may have tried meal planning in the past, but this is a crucial time to review that process. This does not have to be about counting calories, but instead it is about making sure you have the ingredients you need on hand to minimize your trips to the store or help with finances.

You are also likely preparing more meals than ever before. It’s okay to keep it simple. If you were packing sandwiches for your child’s lunch each day, keep up that routine. If Fridays were pizza night, enjoy!

Other ideas:

2.) Shopping

Going to the grocery store may not be what it used to be, but here are some reminders for your grocery shopping trip.

3.) Balanced Meals

Every meal is an opportunity to hit reset. Your meals may not be looking perfect or you may feel like you blew it with your afternoon cookies, but here are some ideas if you are looking to make changes.

Fruit and Veggies

Some ideas:






We are living in uncharted territory and our lives have changed dramatically. Take each day one at a time and cut yourself some slack. As you look to make changes, try to remember that nourishing your body is an opportunity to take care of yourself.

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