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Because different mental health conditions require different approaches, we offer a wide range of programs to provide personalized treatment.

Teens have very different needs than adults struggling with anxiety or depression, so we provide specialized care for their needs. Our programs are designed to address the unique challenges faced by young people as they grow into adulthood.

ASD Intensive Outpatient Program. This program is for high-functioning teens with Autism , PDD/NOS, Social Communication Disorder

Balanced Emotions Intensive Outpatient Program. This program is for young people, ages 12-17 to learn how to cultivate strong feelings and emotions.

ASD Parent Support Group. This group is for parents of children with Autism to get additional support and resources.

ASD Social Skills Building – Chill Skills. This is a fun environment for teens to practice social skills through interactive games and activities.

Life Skills for Young Adults – THRIVE.  This is a group for young adults to enhance their life skills, explore job readiness, and post secondary education options.

Family Therapy – Nurtured Heart Approach. This approach will inspire you to transform your relationships with the children (and adults) in your life.

For more information, please email us specialtyprograms@plymouthpsychgroup.com or call us at (952) 444-2099


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