“I think the program was very helpful. Only suggestion is maybe more support time for parents. We had a lot of concerns somedays and time was limited. Thank you for a great experience.”

“This program has been a great benefit for our family. THANK YOU!”

The very best part of the group was for [our son] to have people he fit in with. [He] was reluctant to come in the beginning. The reluctance went away quickly and was replaced with desire, and later sadness when the group ended.”

“I think this (program) has helped us a great deal.”
V.K. – Parent

“I think T. showed great improvement in both his emotional regulation and improved social skills, but especially the former. His anxiety has been a major roadblock for making friends, but he is definitely better prepared to tackle that difficult task in the future. The program was well-structured and the instructors were able to adapt to the dynamic of the group. T. even commented on how this group was perfect timing for his situation, and I agree. It was truly beneficial.”
T.W. – Parent

“Overall this has been a benefit to N. and he has enjoyed it. Notable progress is that N. dresses appropriately for school. He has started to communicate better to friends.”
J.F. – Parent

“Very helpful program! Not only for our kids, but also for us parents! The techniques taught in class helped open communication!”
T.K – Parent

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