Psychiatric Evaluations

Psychiatric Evaluation/ assessments is a process of information gathering about a person within a mental health service, with the purpose of making a diagnosis for appropriate management of symptoms. The assessment is usually the first stage of a treatment process. The standard psychiatric history consists of biographical data (name, age, marital and family contact details, occupation, and first language), the presenting complaint (an account of the onset, nature and development of the individual’s current difficulties) and personal history (including birth complications, childhood development, parental care in childhood, educational and employment history, relationship and marital history, and criminal background).

The history also includes an enquiry about the individual’s current social circumstances, family relationships, current and past use of alcohol and illicit drugs, and the individual’s past treatment history (current and past diagnoses, and use of prescribed medication). It is typically carried out by a psychiatrist or nurse practitioner, but it could be a multi-disciplinary process involving nurses, psychologists, occupational therapists and social workers. Learn more.

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