What types of services are provided at Plymouth Psych Group?
Plymouth Psych Group offers a range of mental health care services to fit your needs. From psychiatric evaluations and medication management to individual or group therapy, we are committed to getting you the care you need. We also offer couples and family therapy, an innovative ADHD screening tool called CogCubed, and a helpful range of referrals sources for outside care when necessary. Treatment at Plymouth Psych Group is designed to improve the overall quality of life and the patient/family experience.
Does Plymouth Psych Group take “difficult cases”?
Plymouth Psych Group offers treatment for a variety of complex psychiatric disorders. Our providers often treat clients with acute and severe symptoms, and are helpful in establishing a higher level of care if needed.
Does Plymouth Psych Group treat alcohol and chemical abuse/dependency?
We understand that mental health issues and chemical abuse/dependency often co-occur. Substance abuse and dependency is not treated as a primary disorder at Plymouth Psych Group. When calling in to set up an appointment, our staff will help evaluate if an MICD (Mental Illness/Chemical Dependency) program within the community would better support the needs of you or your child.
What will happen at my first appointment?
The first appointment is referred to as the “intake appointment”. At this first appointment, your provider will ask you many questions to gain insight about your current circumstances. These questions may inquire about the types of problems you are experiencing, your personal and family history, and medical history. You will then develop a “treatment plan” with your provider, which serves as a baseline for measuring your progress in treatment.
How long does treatment take?
Length of mental health treatment varies depending on the needs and medical necessity of each individual. Most research on treatment effectiveness estimates an average of 3 months to receive the benefits of therapy. Medication management responses averages a range of 4-6 weeks on the correct medication and dosage, however, individual responses will vary.
Are you a crisis clinic?
No, we are not a crisis clinic and we do not have providers “on call”. Please call 911 in an emergency and/or life threatening situation, or refer to our Emergency Resources list under the “resources” tab.
How do I make an appointment?
Simply call the main phone line at 763-559-1640 to speak with our staff to set up an appointment. Once you call and request to be seen, you will be matched with a qualified provider to meet your needs.
Are you in-network with my insurance company?
Our providers accept most major insurances. You may call our office at 763-559-1640 for provider specific information, or speak to our billing department at 763-238-8388 about coverage costs and clinic charges. If you are unable to use insurance to cover charges, you may pay upfront at a discounted rate at the time of your appointment.
How can I find out the specific benefits for my insurance plan?
For benefit information, you may contact the customer service number on the back of your insurance card. If you have clinic-specific questions, our billing department can be reached at 763-238-8388, and will do their best to assist you with your questions.
How can I make my payments to you?
You can submit payments one of three ways:

  • By mail with check accompanied by statement stub
  • In the clinic by check or credit card
  • By credit card by calling the billing office at 763-238-8388
  • Online payment coming soon!
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